Ambassador Program

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Become a part of our growing, global family.

Why Become a Chroma Drum Ambassador?
  1. Embrace the Power of Sound: Sound has the incredible ability to heal, uplift, and connect people on a profound level. By becoming a Chroma Drum Ambassador, you're becoming part of a movement to harness this power and bring positive vibrations to events, gatherings, and moments that matter.

  2. Share Something Unique: Our steel drums are not just musical instruments – they're works of art that produce captivating melodies. As an ambassador, you'll introduce your audience to the rich and soothing tones that only Chroma Drums can create. Your events will stand out, leaving a lasting impression on everyone who experiences the beauty of our instruments.

  3. Earn Commissions and Rewards: We value your commitment to our mission, and we want to reward you for your efforts. As you bring our instruments to events and share them with others, you'll earn commissions on each sale generated through your efforts. But it doesn't stop there – for ambassadors who consistently drive sales and engagement, the rewards will evolve, opening up new opportunities and benefits.

How It Works:
  1. Apply: Fill out our simple application form to let us know more about you, your passion for music and sound healing, and your vision for promoting our steel drums.

  2. Get Approved: Our team will review your application and get in touch to discuss how we can collaborate.

  3. Receive Your Kit: Once approved, you'll receive a Steel Drum Ambassador Kit, including essential resources, marketing materials, and of course, your very own steel drum at a discounted price.

  4. Promote and Share: Take your steel drum to events, workshops, gatherings, and online platforms to showcase its enchanting melodies. Share your experiences and connect with fellow music and sound healing enthusiasts.

  5. Earn Rewards: For every sale made through your unique ambassador link or code, you'll earn a commission. As your impact grows, so do your rewards, unlocking opportunities for increased commissions, exclusive merchandise, and more.