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Your Music, Your Medicine, Your Chroma Drum™

Why choose Chroma Drum™?

- 100% Hand crafted in USA

- Designed with a proprietary dampening system that enhances volume, bass, stabilizes notes and isolates frequencies to create a pure, rich and warm tone unlike any other.

- Each Chroma Drum is one of-a-kind and hand-crafted in small batches to ensure the utmost quality in every instrument.

- No musical experience required! These instruments are extremely intuitive and easy to play. Anyone can play from kids to professional musicians alike.

- Chroma Drum's finishes are incredibly durable, scratch resistant and highly water resistant.

- Perfectly tuned to 440 Hz or 432 Hz – Great for sound therapy and sound healing. Beautiful bloom of harmonics.


One cannot describe the beauty that this drum can create. The workmanship and crafting ability seen in these drums is unlike any other that I have seen. Each drum has its unique personality and sound. A beautiful piece of artwork showing both style and sound.

Marcus Dowdican

What's there to NOT like? I am in LOVE with my drum. I now consider it one of my most prized possessions. That's saying a lot, because I do have a lot of things. This is one of my favorites. My first steel tongue drum ever and from start to finish it's been an amazing process. Michael was extremely helpful and very patient as I fired away question after question. I feel like I learned a lot and in the process, my friend and I learned a lot and we both bought drums the same weekend! Photos do not do this piece justice. Sure it looks stunning in the photos but in person she is a true beauty. I cannot thank you enough for giving me this incredible piece of artwork and introducing me to this whole new genre of meditation! 🙏💜

Shellini Spencer

I can't say enough about Michael and his drums. When I placed the order, he spoke with me via Facebook talking about scales and coloring, answering all of my questions. I placed the order and had it in a week. I play it every day, and find it difficult to stop! If you are in the market for a drum like this, choosing Chromadrum is an extremely wise choice!

Ben Glasglow

I absolutely LOVE my custom drum. Michael put his heart and soul into crafting this gem. I knew I was guided to him for a reason. Michael was very responsive to all of my questions and concerns. He began work on my drum as soon as I placed the, he was very efficient and his work is flawless. The drum sings beautifully! The drum was shipped in record time after placing my order. I can't thank you enough Michael. Metatron thanks you too:)

Ginger Roganti

I first discovered steel tongue drums when I read an article a few weeks back. I was mesmerized and I immediately knew that I had to had one for my husband for his birthday. I did some research online, and when I saw an image of the ChromaDrums, I knew I found the one I was searching for. I emailed Mike a few questions, and he was quick to reply and was very helpful and informative. I placed my order a few days later and received the drum this weekend. The drum arrived very well-packed and Mike even wrote "Happy Birthday" on the insert card. His attention to detail and passion for what he creates are displayed in his beautiful work. I was so excited about the purchase, I caved and gave my husband his present 3 weeks early. He LOVES it, and didn't stop playing it the entire weekend. Already ready to purchase another.


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