Chroma Drum - Maelstrom
Chroma Drum

Chroma Drum - Maelstrom

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Hello! Thank you for taking a look at our playable art which we call Chroma Drum™. We take pride in our quality of craftsmanship and art. Each piece we make is completely unique, we do not make 2 alike, ever. 

The new generation of Chroma Drum is finished with our new crystal clear powder coat. It is incredibly durable and scratch resistant and 100% water proof inside and out and acid/salt resistant for a tested 1000+ hours. More stable tuning for low notes and longer sustain.

** All Chroma Drums are made with a proprietary dampening in-lay developed by Michael Langdon. The dampening in-lay is designed to isolate and enhance acoustic response of each note by directing the vibrational energy in an allotted area. This allows each note to breath and sound more full while strategically enhancing tonal quality. The dimensions of each tongue has been intentionally sized to create stability from detuning and also have a aesthetic balance which also allows for unique cross-harmonic activation.


Comes with playing mallets and a custom fitted armored travel case made by Namana Bags

This Chroma Drum is tuned to