As a celebration of the launch of Chroma Drum's brand new website, we are going to be raffling off a Chroma Drum to one lucky winner!

- The winner of this raffle will be able to customize their drum at a value of $650!! 

- The Raffle CLOSES on April 8th and the winner will be PICKED AND NOTIFIED on April 10th



_________HOW DO I QUALIFY TO WIN THIS RAFFLE?!?!_________

- When you purchase your ticket you must add a LEGITIMATE EMAIL where you will be notified if you win ( YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED ON APRIL 10th!) If you do not add a good email, we will not be able to reach you and we will pick another name.
- The more raffle tickets you buy, the more chances you have at winning.

_________WHAT DOES THIS COME WITH?!_________

- The winner of this raffle will receive a Chroma Drum, Mallets, and a custom case made by our good friends Namana Bags.


- Winner is required to pay all shipping and handling fees including duties/import taxes.

- Winner has 24 hours of receiving email to claim prize or it will be forfeited.

- Winner will be allowed to customize their own drum within the standards set by Chroma Drum and designer, Michael Langdon

- Everyone who enters will be notified when the winner is chosen and the winners name will be announced. 


- The instrument is SCHEDULED to be built on April 25th and will take several days to complete depending on current workload of the Chroma Drum workshop.