How To Play

At Chroma Drum™ we want you to be fully tapped in, tuned in and turned on when you are using your instrument. Having some basic knowledge and understanding of how the instrument works is important to deepen the experience for your own, or for creating sacred space for a group of people. 

Your drum has 8 notes. The first note will always be the lowest note and should be closest to you, as shown in the picture below.

Start with your RIGHT hand to strike the first note, the follow the left to hit note 2, right to hit 3 and so on. The pattern will be R, L, R, L... all the way from note 1 to note 8. 

Note order


Why are the notes structured like this?

If you look at the bottom right notes you have 1, 3 and 5. This combo will create a chord where as you can play chord sequences extremely intuitively if you focus on playing the corrosponding chord notes. (1 3 5 or 2 4 8 or 3 4 7)

For a beginner, a great way to practice is to play the scale ascending from low to high (1-8) and then immediately descend the scale (8-1) about 5 - 10+ times. This practice train your eye/ear/hand coordination.