Chroma Drum - Shift w/ Mandala + Labradorite

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This Chroma Drum is tuned Celtic Minor (D Minor)
Celtic Minor - A C D E F G A C (notes)
*Please wear headphones while listening*

This Chroma Drum was a very successful experiment. This is a combo of roughly 8-9 different colors over 3 different layers and has an absolutely gorgeous effect. The color shifts in the light revealing a marvelous array of depth of color and shimmer. 

All of this is over-layed with a beautiful custom Mandala design and adorned with a Lightning blue labradorite cabochon.

The coating is extremely durable and 100% waterproof inside and out.

Why choose Chroma Drum™?

- Chroma Drum is designed with a proprietary dampening system that enhances acoustic response, stable notes, volume, isolation, and bass. Every note sparkles with brilliance.

- Each piece hand-crafted by Michael Langdon and a team of fabricators, we take pride in our quality of craftsmanship.

- Each piece we make is not only a unique piece of art, but each instrument is designed with sound quality in mind.

- No musical experience required! These instruments are extremely intuitive and easy to play. Anyone can play from kids to professional musicians alike.

- Chroma Drum is finished with our new crystal clear powder coat. It is incredibly durable, scratch resistant and 100% water proof inside and out and acid/salt resistant for a tested 1000+ hours. They even FLOAT!

- Perfectly tuned to 432hz OR 440hz – Great for sound therapy and sound healing. Beautiful bloom of harmonics.

- Comes with Mallets Custom fitted armored case made by Namana Bags and mallets.